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How to choose the right portable power station for your home

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Before you pick a Portable Power Station as your backup power source, it is best to consider the type of devices you will be powering (phone, laptop, refrigerator, coffee maker, etc.) and how many devices you will need to keep powered and how long you may need them to work.

This is to ensure that the battery capacity is sufficient for your power requirements to prevent the portable power station from not completing its mission before it runs out of power.

We can use a simple formula to calculate the runtime of the Mauten CN1000 Portable Power Station (1280Wh): for a laptop (usually 60W), 1280Wh*0.85/60W (laptop power) ≈ 18 hours of runtime.

From this you can clearly calculate the working hours of the Portable Power Station and easily understand the remaining battery capacity

1000W Outdoor office

The Mauten MT-CN1000 model is ideal for home backup power. 1280Wh capacity and 1000W AC power (2000W peak power) output with silent, environmentally friendly design, so you can use it indoors with peace of mind, powering your lamps, phones, computers and many kitchen appliances and other essentials, even when the power goes out, and continue to work.

Our Mauten Portable Power Station Manufacturers use safe and advanced automotive-grade battery, which is Lithium iron phosphate, or LiFePO4, is one of the most durable and reliable energy sources on the market, offering substantial improvements over other batteries in terms of safety, weight, capacity and shelf life,in this case,you can have power storage at anytime or anywhere.

Power it for your home life.

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