Portable Power Stations bring good solution to the global energy supply, which do not require to burn fuels and release CO2 and bring harms to the global environment. It could be used for light fittings, computers, TVs, pug mixers, ice boxes, CPAP and electronic ovens only through cables inserting into the panel of portable power station simply. When the portable power station is out of service, wall sockets, solar panels and car lighter device could be applied to charge it, which is suitable for outdoor activities, camping, Off-Grid Living, Household, Construction, DIY, Disaster Relief and emergency.
As an industry leader in portable power and solar panels, we are reinventing the way people get clean, renewable energy. Join us in delivering the future of portable power to your customers.
In our opinion, a great portable power station should meet the following conditions:
Safety (It adopts automotive grade Lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4), which can prevent fire and explosion)
Stability (It has high-quality pure sine wave with uniform waveform, which can perfectly protect electrical appliances)
Security (Mauten products have a variety of certifications and patents, which have joined the global insurance)
Market advantages (It has cooperated with many great brands, setting market MOQ modes, 
  supporting multiple cooperation modes including OEM/ODM, etc.)
Activity Details:

Each company or internet celebrity can only apply for one portable power station.
Time: 2022.12.01-2022.12.31
Models: CN120, CN300, CN500 (Click for product details)
Quantity: 100 sets until all give out

Activity 1:
1. Record 3 videos of more than 1 minute about our products and share them on Facebook, YouTube, INS and other platforms 
   (send screenshots to customer service agent in the background).
2. Possess over 1000 fans on any of the platforms ;
3. The process will be completed within 30 days after receives the device.
4. If you meet the above requirements, you get a 40% discount on the purchase of a portable power plant.

Activity 2:
1. Willing to sell our portable power station.
2. Successfully pick up 100 units within a certain period of time.
3. Record 3 videos of more than 1 minute about our products and share them on Facebook, YouTube, INS and other platforms 
  (send screenshots to customer service agent in the background).
4. After completing the above requirements, we will refund 100% of the purchase amount within 30 days.

Activity Process:
1. Application: Fill in and seal the application form (Mautem Portable Power Station-Application Form.xlsx);
2. Audit: Approved enterprise information (company name) to be published on our official website and forum and notified by email (sheena@mauten.com);
3. Contract: Sign contract for activity which stipulate responsibilities and interests for both parties
4. Payment: Ali pay, Paypal, Western union, TT.
5. Delivery: Uniform delivery according to address indicated in the application form;

*Note: The right to decide and implement all feedback and suggestions in this project belongs to Dongguan Mauten Electronic Technology Co., Ltd





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