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4 Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Mobile Power Station (Display Screen)

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The fourth thing you should be aware of before buying a portable power station is the Display Screen.

If you're using your portable power station as an inverter or ups, honestly, the display probably doesn't matter because you're just going to leave it plugged in all the time and you'll only need it in case of an emergency, so it won't shut down important equipment. 

But if you're doing construction, or you have an RV, and you need to know exactly how much time is left on the power source you're using, then you're going to want to look for a display that shows you the remaining hours and minutes, that can clearly tell you that. 

So pay close attention to that when you're choosing a portable power station, sometimes it's not exactly obvious and you might want to look in the reviews section or pay close attention to the display to see if it shows how many hours or how many minutes are left.

What brand do I need?


Large screen design -modern design with clear display that allow you to easily monitor the functions of your portable power station.

Portable Power Station - Screen Display

Here, I have to say that the Mauten’s portable power station does a great job of load recognition, for example, the wattage of recognition accuracy in the market is around 3-5W (e.g. J,E,B, etc.), while Mauten's product has been developed by several professional technicians to achieve a loading recognition accuracy of 1W !

One may ask, what is the role of this? Is it important?

The answer is, it matters!

I'll give you a few examples you'll be clear: In winter days you open the electric blanket, it works about a dozen W, when it reaches a certain heat, it will enter the dormant power 1-3W, at this time, if the portable power station cannot identify, the electric blanket automatically shut down, then at mid night you will be frozen awake.

At present, there are many appliances will enter the hibernation state, like CPAP and so on, if you use the portable power station, its recognition accuracy is not enough electrical appliances hibernation wattage, resulting in your appliances automatically shut down, is a very bad experience.

Mauten portable power station has a lightweight handle, which combines with the ergonomic design so you can carry it easily.

The silent, zero-emission rechargeable battery means the unit can run day and night without interrupting your life or work. The zero-emission power station ensures that you can explore the outdoors with peace of mind, because as such, it does not harm the environment.

Dongguan Mauten Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer that meets all the characteristics.

We have many years of experience in manufacturing portable power stations (since 2006), and our products have passed various certification qualifications from many authorities around the world with multiple guarantees.

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