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The difference between modified sine wave inverter and pure sine wave inverter

In the field of power electronics technology, an inverter is a device capable of converting direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). There are two common types which are modified sine wave and pure sine wave inverter. We will conduct a comparative analysis of the two inverters from three aspects to help you better understand them.
1. Output waveform
The output waveform of true sine wave inverter is consistent with the alternating current waveform of the mains power network, showing a smooth sine waveform. This waveform has a lower harmonic content, is more friendly to the operation of electrical equipment, can extend the service life of equipment and reduce the failure rate.
The output waveform of the modifizierter Sinus inverter presents a stepped square wave or an approximate sine wave. The harmonic content of this waveform is high, which may interfere with the normal operation of precision electrical equipment, especially for some equipment with high current waveform requirements (such as precision medical instruments, etc.).
2. Efficiency and cost
sinewave inverters usually use advanced power electronics technology and have high conversion efficiency and stability. However, due to its technical complexity and high manufacturing costs, the price is usually about twice of a revised sine wave inverter.
Due to the limitation of the output waveform of the modified sine wave inverter, its conversion efficiency and stability are slightly lower than genuine sine power inverters. However, the technology of modified square wave inverter has been very mature and the manufacturing cost is low, so the price is much lower than pure sine wave inverters.
3. Application occasions
Because the output waveform of Pure Sinus inverter is closer to the alternating current waveform of the mains power grid, it is suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment, especially for some equipment with high requirements for current waveform,Or, in some occasions that require long-term stable operation or high power quality requirements (such as hospitals, data centers, etc.), pure sine wave inverters will be a better choice.
The changed sine wave inverters is suitable for some occasions that are more sensitive to cost or have low power quality requirements (such as vehicle, tourism, outdoor camping, temporary electricity use, etc.). In addition, in some simple power systems, the modified sine wave inverter can also be used as a backup power supply. At present, most of the commercially available inverters are mainly modified wave inverters, and the modified wave is suitable for most of the low-power electrical appliances and the price is reasonable, which is easy to be accepted by the market.
Simply speaking, for the need of long-term stable operation or high power quality requirements (such as hospitals, data centers, etc.), you can choose a pure sine wave inverter; For some other occasions where the cost is more sensitive or the power quality requirements are not too high (such as vehicle, tourism, outdoor camping, temporary electricity, etc.), you can choose to the modified sine wave inverter. .
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