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4 things you should know before choosing a portable power station (1)

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Portable Power Station is a travel-safe option that is perfect for being able to move power devices anywhere; ideal for powering devices such as smartphones, laptops, drones and lighting. It is also able to power high-powered appliances such as coffee makers and kettles when you are away for the weekend. What should we know before we buy a portable power station?

The most important thing is to know the power or wattage of the portable power station. We have divided the scenarios into four types, corresponding to different needs.

1. on a camping trip or just to charge a cell phone or laptop battery or something similar. If this is what you need then a portable power station in the range of about 100W to 300W will work well.

2. when it comes to portable entertainment, i.e. you want to put in a projector or leave speakers running or leave your computer plugged in. This will require a little more power in the 300W 500W 700W range, which will allow you to plug in multiple things at once over a two to three hour period.

Portable power station (solar generator) application multiple scenarios

3. if you are using it for power tools or in a workshop or similar. For this, you need to be in the range of about 700 to 1000 watts.

4. if you are driving or living in a van or living in a bus or something like that and you have something different like a microwave or a teapot, basically any appliance that uses a lot of electricity. For that, you need to be in the range of about 1000 to 1600 watts.

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