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4 things you should know before choosing a portable power station (Battery Cells)

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How to choose a great mobile power station?

The third thing you need to know before buying a portable power station is what type of battery you want to use.

There are two main types of portable power stations on the market, lithium-ion and lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.

Each portable power station or battery has a certain life cycle or charge cycle, basically a charge cycle is to bring it down from 100% to 0%. Realistically, most of the time you won't use the battery in this way, maybe you'll drop it from 100% to 90%, and if you do that 10 times, that's a life cycle too.

One of the most common types of batteries is lithium ion, which is what most portable power stations have, and generally have about 200 to 300 life cycles before they start to degrade, another disadvantage of lithium ion batteries is that they are less than ideal at high temperatures.

The main advantage of lithium-ion batteries is that they have a much smaller capacity, so for portable power stations, you usually want them to be portable, and that's why a lot of these portable power stations are lithium-ion batteries, because they're smaller for the power that you get.

32700 LiFePO4

Now, with LifePO4 batteries, you can expect about 2,000 life cycles or about 10 years before the capacity drops significantly.

Mauten factory was the first in the portable power plant industry to replace lithium iron phosphate batteries and has very stable technology and experience to date.

LifePO4 battery in addition to having 2000 cycles and a strong battery life, it is also very resistant to high temperatures, it can reach an electrical peak of 350°C ~ 500°C (662℉~932℉), Product working temperature range (-10°C ~ 50°C=50℉~122℉)

Moreover, the LiFePO4 battery used in Mauten portable power station is safe and high, and the experimental test shows that the structure will not collapse and heat up or form strong oxidation material through high temperature or overcharge or short circuit, and it is a battery cell with fire/explosion-proof. Therefore, it proves to have good safety.

The automotive grade LiFePO4 battery used in Mauten factory does not contain any heavy and rare metals, is non-toxic (SGS certified), non-polluting and meets European RoHS regulations, and is an absolutely green battery.

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