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How to choose a suitable power inverter for your car?

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Nowadays, you can find all types of power inverter online, in stores with various wattages in different price. But which kinds of inverter should you choose for your car?


First of all, you should choose the right power. For common families, a 300w power inverter is enough because most of the car batteries use less than 30A fuses, which means it can allow up to 230w appliances. As mentioned above, the car battery now can offer the max output of 150w, so most of the power inverters can only support devices under 150W. But at present there are also car inverters that can connect with car battery  to supply high power.

For outdoor camping which need to use high powered appliances or outdoor workers , you can choose inverters with 500W, 1000W or even higher wattages. As for power inverter models, there are modified sine wave power inverter and pure sine wave power inverter. Pure sine wave power inverters are more expensive but can ensure more stable performance. Modified sine wave inverters cost less but can also ensure basic stability in most circumstances.

Let's see the advantage of power inverter from Mauten

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