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How to find good portable power station?

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To find a good portable power station,you can compare their specification to find one good for you.

1. High battery capacity : A watt-hour (Wh) is the measure of watts per hour, so a battery with a 300Wh capacity offers the equivalent of running a 300W device for one hour. Put another way, that’s like running a 60 W device—such as a MacBook, projector, or fan—for five hours.


2. Powerful output power rating : To separate the portable power stations from their smaller, less powerful counterparts (USB power banks and portable laptop chargers) the output powers have to be higher. Lower outputs are fine for charging phones and most other electronics, but if you want to charge a few devices at a time (especially if one is a high-powered device like a laptop), you need 100W or more.

3. Informative display: Though most portable power stations have a battery meter so you can see how much charge you have left,charging time etc

4. AC Outlet: A single AC outlet is a bare-minimum requirement since the majority of gadgets—from desk lamps to baby monitors—run on AC power. So, the higher the better.

5. Multiple fast-charging USB-A ports and  USB-C port: With them,you can charge your small devices by different ports simultaneously without worries.

6. Charges from an AC wall outlet: At a minimum, they should be chargeable via an AC wall outlet as USB-only charging is too slow for batteries so big. You can charge some portable power stations via solar attachments,which is a nice bonus, especially if you’re frequently off the grid for more than a few days.

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