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The Future

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The Future--

Over the past few years, Portable Power Stations have increasingly become an integral part of our lives and have opened up a world of New Energy sources for exploration, entertainment and multiple applications.

Many of us go further than ever before. We have come to rely heavily on our electronic devices, but in a digital world that requires a constant power supply, we need a ready alternative to an outlet when out of electricity. Obviously, portable solar generators become especially important when away from home.

In addition, in the event of a natural disaster or medical emergency, there is a great need for electricity to respond to emergencies, call for help, connect with important people, and provide basic household power.

Portable power station

Our vision has always been to design products that can be used not only in everyday situations, but can also play an important role in the event of an emergency in various countries. A better outcome can be changed when additional power is provided for all emergency needs.

Mauten is committed to exploring new ways to support humanitarian aid and to make more people experience the convenience that solar power generators bring to humanity through technological innovation.

Mauten's mission...

Our mission is to design, develop and manufacture the best portable power station (solar generator) and power inverter products that allow electronic devices to continue to work off-grid - this is our passion and what we do best at portable power stations.

We have great expectations for the future of portable power station and bring you more innovative products in the coming months or years.

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