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For Solar Energy, everyone has different special concerns about it, and what we do is to maximize the product requirements of each customer, so the quality of our Solar Energy has been well received by many customers and enjoyed a good reputation in many countries. Mauten Solar Energy have characteristic design & practical performance & competitive price, for more information on the Solar Energy, please feel free to contact us.

How to choose inverter manufacturing wholesaler?

As inverter dealer, trade or wholesalers,how to choose the right inverter supplier from so many factories?Especially when there is a large price difference between their products, Will it be more difficult to make a choice? Some people say that it can be judged from the scale and strength of power inverter suppliers, technology, product quality, service and so on. However, how to judge, still be a headache for buyer. Here is a very simple, direct and effective method to share with you. We can quickly distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the car inverter by comparing the material of the product; Quality product manufacturers, generally speaking, his scale strength is strong, good technology, quality control and management level is higher. The following is how to distinguish between good and bad inverters to share:

1. Good and poor USB Ports comparison

Poor quality USB interface will lead to poor contact, voltage and current instability, affecting electricity.Device performance, life, and even burn electrical appliances.
2.Good and poor shell comparison
If the shell is thicker,it can be good for heat dissipation and can drive high-power loads for a long time.
3.Good and poor heat sink comparison
If the vehicle inverter has no heat sink or the heat sink is not enough, it will be easy to over-heat, and the internal heat can not be dispersed in time, which will affect the performance, shorten the life of the components, and seriously cause a fire.
4.Good and poor transformer comparison
With the same power of car power inverter,if the transformer size is larger, means it use enough the enameled wire to make enough power , so the normal load can be carried. Otherwise, the power will not be enough, will affect the performance of the inverter, short service life, overload operation, easy to burn the internal electronic components, or completely unable to drive normal power appliances.
5.Good and poort inverter wires
The clamp wire, internal wire and enamelled wire of the transformer of the inferior inverter are likely to use non-pure copper wire such as copper-clad steel and copper-clad aluminum.
You can look at the cross section, the conductor raw materials of different core wires show different colors, and the original pure copper material is uniform gold copper color from inside to outside. The cross section of copper-clad steel and copper-clad aluminum raw materials is gray and white, and the outer layer is only a relatively thin copper color. The easiest way to detect copper-clad steel is to try it with a magnet, which can usually be identified with a magnetic screwdriver.
Copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum materials have large resistance, large power loss, easy to heat, short circuit; Poor fatigue resistance, easy to break; Low corrosion resistance, easy oxidation, rust and so on.
6.Good and poor of inverter weight comparison
When the same power products with similar volume, the heavier inverter products are preferred;The weight of the inverter is heavier, indicating that the material is better and the quality is better.
In fact, when we compare and distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of products , we are also selecting good and bad suppliers; A factory that can provide quality products is often a quality supplier!
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